Amazing Christmas Marketing Campaign

In my book, The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, I discuss how powerful it is to connect emotionally with your customers. Watch the video that follows, it shows a promotion by Westjet, which is one of the most surprising, genuine and ingenious campaigns I’ve seen in a long time.

You can truly see the joy and surprise on people’s faces when they realise what is happening.

Your customers own your brand; brands are what people perceive they are. In this video, you will see that Westjet has truly connected with their passengers on a personal level.

Businesses can learn from how effective an unexpected gesture for your clients can be. The word of mouth and viral reach of this campaign would have been price less for the Westjet brand.

The airline not only built stronger customer loyalty it may have given itself the biggest gift of all - a huge marketing boost. Truly amazing…

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