Ep 16. Tips On How To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Tips on How to Close The Gender Pay Gap Caroline Kennedy

"If You Suspect, You Are Being Underpaid For Your Role. Do The Research, Present The Facts On The Suitable Pay For Your Role. Own Your Worth. Because, You Are Worth It".

- CEO HQ CEO, Caroline Kennedy

Iceland’s women walked off the job at 2.38pm on Tuesday 25th October 2016, to protest against their national gender pay gap of 14% to 18%.

The Australian gender pay gap is 16.2%, and while this is a decrease from the 2014 record high of 18.8%, it’s not enough.

The gender pay in ASX 200 organisations is 28.7%, and in sport, it’s a staggering 50%. II encourage the women of Australian, and all women through out the world to take responsibility for effecting the change and take real action.

In this episode I delve into why I think the gap exists and the small actions we call all take to affect change:

My tips for action -

Women who suspect the are being underpaid should do their research, be prepared and present the facts on the suitable pay for their role.
Ask for the appropriate pay, and demonstrate the contribution you’ve made to the organisation; ask for a pay rise or promotion, don’t sit back and wait for someone to offer you an opportunity, take it.
Be prepared to take a stand and leave a company if they are not willing to remunerate you appropriately. Work for a company that values your contribution. Work for a company that aligns with your values.
Without serious action, nothing will change.
Action, albeit collective or individual is what will affect the change.

I support what is happening in Iceland because it's action. But, we also need to be responsible for ourselves. Sure some people stay silent out of fear, yet could you imagine what the world would look like if more people spoke up and took action?

Help close the gap today by playing your part.

Own your worth. Because - YOU are worth it.


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