You can’t afford to be average.
Unleash Your Most Powerful Self By Mastering Influence leadership program

- Wish you could always speak with confidence so that even when you're unsure, you sound like the expert?

- Do you want to be seen as the authority... even when you're not the most experienced person in the room?

- Are you ready to increase your influence, intensify your impact and unleash your most powerful self?

YES? Well, you're in the right place.   





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it's time to unleash your most powerful self

Right now you're at the pointy end of creating big things for you, your team, and your career.

Influence affects everything we do, its essence is the emotional connection with ourselves and others, and it intensely affects our career, our income and how we lead people.

You’re about to step into a world where everything you want to achieve depends on your level of INFLUENCE.

If you’ve not mastered influencing techniques, you can waste hours and hours going around in a circle with people getting nowhere fast.

And over the next six weeks, you’ll MASTER the five key elements to  Master the Art Of Influencing.  

When you’re skilled at influence, you’re persuasive and visionary; you inspire people to breakthrough limitations, fears, concerns, so that now they can move themselves to a conclusion and action.

The five pillars of influencing make it easy for you to win people over, to create outstanding teams, to exude executive presence and to stand out as an influential person who gets things done.

I guarantee this program will transform your leadership forever. 

Influencing skills & techniques

Expect The Most Intense Developmental Learning Experience And Rapid Growth Of Your Life.


Caroline draws on her extensive background in business and leadership, and therefore she brings a multi-dimensional approach combining coaching, mentoring and consulting methodology to break comfort zones and facilitate long term growth and development.

How does the program work?

You’ll get SIX Elements, delivered over six weeks, with Caroline online and worksheets.

They're designed to TRANSFORM your leadership RAPIDLY through EXECUTING the techniques immediately in your interaction with others.

Don't worry; you'll get all the support we can give you along the way.

The magic happens when you EXECUTE.

You might be thinking, “I’d love to do this course, but where do I find the time?”

You work at your own pace.

You get access ongoing, which means if life gets in the way, or you have a busy week working to deadlines, don’t worry.

You can access the content anytime to review modules and re-watch videos. 


Leadership Program

The bottom line...

It's my privilege to guide you on this journey because it has the potential to change your career and life forever. This might sound like a bold statement, but many people have transformed their leadership, their career, and their success by mastering the art of influence.

As you move through the modules, I'm sure that you're going to find that the tools and the strategies that you're about to learn are so powerful that they not only have the ability to change who you are, it will create a ripple effect that flows to your peers, your teams, your family, friends and others too. 


Module One - The Recipe For Success

  • We'll initiate a process of rapid improvement, by means of achieving a shared understanding of the personal and professional development methods that we need to employ, if we are to achieve and increase in confidence, improved outcomes and performance.  
  • Roadmap: Together, we map out a customised step-by-step plan of milestones necessary to achieve the program goals.
  • In this module, you'll learn about the four levels of learning and how repetition creates the master. We'll deep dive in insights into your interpersonal strengths and areas for development.  
  • You'll understand the social neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence and how to use EQ to facilitate high performance to influence powerfully. 

Module Three Learnings - Seek To Understand

  • The best influencers have two abilities that set them apart from everyone else, you'll learn the ability to build trust quickly by disarming other people, and you'll see to understand to become influential. 

  • As you seek to understand, you ask gentle, probing questions to learn more about the other person's thought process.  

  • You'll learn how to help people become better thinkers, to come up with the solution and to lead them down a path to an outcome.

  • Leading people to the desired outcome is simple. The trick is you'll learn how to lead them down the path through seeking to understand and help them come to the outcome or conclusion themselves.

Module Five - Steering

  • Learn how to communicate your thoughts, ideas and feelings in a direct, assertive manner that influences people, inspires commitment and action.   

  • Learn to spot the warning signs that you’re approaching a trigger. This is a Lizard brain response. How do you handle it?

  • Uncovering why people have disengaged through probing questions but doing so gently.

  • Learn how to master communication and why assertiveness and having difficult conversations is important for influential leaders, and you'll learn strategies to execute so those difficult conversions become a walk in the park. 

Module Two - Perspective

  • Neuroscience is clear; empathy and perspective help you to understand if you’ve connected with the people you're trying to influence.

  • Perspective will help you predict the potential effects your decisions and actions will have on others, and you can strategise and prepare accordingly.

  • You'll learn how to master and understand how to interpret what others are saying to you beyond the words.

  • You'll learn about making a connection, and identifying triggers, adapting your communication style, to mirror others, so they feel comfortable and trust you.

Module Four - 3 Powerful Disarming Techniques

  • You'll gain insights into human behaviours, and how the human brain works. 
  • You'll learn how to consider a person’s triggers because if you don't, you’ll lose their trust quickly,
    they’ll resist your questions, and they’ll hesitate to engage with you openly.
  • You'll learn about disarming people before and after they become triggered. 
  • You'll learn the three most potent disarming techniques and how to use them in a variety of situations.  

Module Six - Leverage

  • You'll gain insights into how to powerfully persuade to build trust and respect. 

  • You'll learn how to build trust so you're a master influencer and visionary thinker.  

  • You 'll learn how to influence and inspire commitment through building accountability.  

  • You'll learn how to pull it all together, to leverage influence to build elite performance, generate results and reach your goals. 

  • Assistance in articulating yourself and mentoring on the craft of influencing. 


Lynda Osborne

Director PwC Australia

Caroline is an effective coach who took the time to understand the context around my career. She was prepared and focused for each coaching session and tailored her experience, insights and techniques to my coaching program, and provided practical advice and guidance.

Ken Loh

Director - Umow Lai Consulting Engineers

I have had the pleasure to work with Caroline since 2017. Caroline is an Executive Coach who is extremely perceptive and insightful. She has such an amazing way of understanding organization matters. Very clever in calling out the issue. She drives and challenges you as a leader to get the best out of you to be self-aware. She has the uncanny way of helping you to resolve your problems by yourself. If you are looking for an Executive Coach who will get you out of your comfort zone, Caroline is the one you should consider.

Anu Bisha

Australian DIrector, PFEC Global

Working with Caroline over the past year has changed my life. Thanks to her support, I have found the courage to move forward and step up as an ambitious leader. My career has advance beyond what I thought was possible, and with Caroline’s guidance and support I’ve been able to deliver exceptional business results, and create a culture of accountability resulting in a high-performing team.


Director, Deloitte

In terms of professional development and growth, nothing I have done in the past has had such an impact as working with Caroline. Her coaching is on another level, and I’m challenged to be outside my comfort zone to grow.  Caroline is genuinely invested in your growth and success. Her high level of intuition, experience and insights provide huge value.  

Tracy Stone

Dennis Family Homes

Caroline Kennedy is a strong and inspiring leader. She is an excellent coach and mentor who is always ready to share her knowledge and experience to develop others. She was supportive and open, who always provided the opportunity for collaboration and discussion. It was a pleasure to work with her and learning from her and I have the highest regard for her business ethics, her leadership coaching style and her ability to deliver transformational change. 

Sam Ng

Senior Executive, Scorptec

It has been a rewarding experience to work with Caroline. I highly regard Caroline’s leadership coaching and strategic planning and business improvement. Caroline’s well developed strategic sense enables her to share her expereince and insights. Caroline is open and supportive, and despite her busy schedule, she is always generous with her time to provide valuable guidance to help me succeed in my role. I am more than happy to recommend Caroline.

Managment Consultant

Are You Ready To Master The Art Of Influence?  

As an accomplished CEO who was recognised twice by the Telstra Business Women's Awards for her achievement in business, Caroline is in high demand as a Global Executive Coach.

As an experienced CEO, Caroline's led multinational companies, with annual revenues up to $250 million. Caroline has delivered outcomes such as taking a company from $38Million to $50Million in 18 months in the global financial crisis. She has managed over 500 staff via ten direct reports.

She has a no BS approach to teaching her programs and is committed to helping people to become their most powerful selves.

She helps people transformed their leadership, their career, and their success by mastering the art of influence.

As one of the top Global Award-Winning Executive Coaches in the world, Caroline’s methods of teaching are Neuroscience and human behaviour based to achieve rapid high performance. Her approach is honest and constructive which yields fast results for growth, change and impact.

Caroline works with individuals and organisations’ for example, Leaders, Executive management, Managing Directors, CEOs, Deloitte, PWC, Wesfarmers, Directors in the Education space, CBA, Flight Centre, Tech & IT owners, Medical Executives, Fortune 500 companies and more.

"I'm very excited to bring you this program because if there's anyone skill that's had an impact on my ability to advance my career, contribute to others, whether it be my family, my friends, mentees, people I coach, businesses that I'm involved in, or even myself, it's this skill, this power of influence." - Caroline Kennedy


Next Course commences 2021

Pop your deets in and be the first to know when the next program opens.  

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Following are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Unstoppable Leader of Influence Program. You can also email us at [email protected] - we're always happy to answers any additional questions you may have!


Caroline Kennedy Executive Coach Melbourne
Oh, and before you join any program... 

You should know that plenty of people claim to teach you how to achieve XYZ; only a small few can back it up with actual results.

You may have heard the phrase "Success leaves clues", so learn from those who've walked the path before you, to accelerate your success. 

I only teach what I've practised successfully in my career and life with fantastic success, and more importantly, I've been teaching this exact process the techniques and skills for years to those I've coached and mentored. I'll let you in on a little secret; influencing came up in every coaching session I've facilitated for many years.    

I have a no BS approach to teaching, and I'm committed to helping people to become their most powerful selves.

The CK Method of Master influencing is based on a formula that works. I've helped people transformed their leadership, their career, and their success by mastering the art of influence.