About the Book

Would you like your clients to be loyal and refer you?

Do you find it difficult to stand out from your competitors?

Are you experiencing the headache of high staff turn-over?

Are you frustrated with clients switching to lower priced competitors?

Don’t wait until it’s too late and someone else builds loyalty with your clients! Now is the time to make lasting improvements within your business.

Through the implementation of the 7-step process outlined in this book, you too can experience more repeat clients, improve revenue and create a client base that is happy to rave about you.

Caroline has created and successfully implemented the 7-step method outlined throughout her career to achieve multimillion dollar results and now she shares her simple yet profound insights.

You too can achieve better results for your business and it’s easier than you think!

All Chapters

  • The value of customer intimacy
  • Step 1 – The gold in your own backyard: making the most of your existing assets
  • Step 2 – The big question: what do your clients really think of you?
  • The power of the water cooler: building loyalty through engagement and word of mouth
  • Step 3 – Discover why customers are choosing your competitors over you
  • Step 4 – Memorable moments: defining the customer experience
  • Want to wow your clients and colleagues? Connect with their kids
  • Step 5 – Employees: worth their weight in end-of-year profit statements
  • Whatever happened to manners?
  • Step 6 – Your staff: order takers or relationship makers?
  • Eyes on the prize: Can your salespeople identify revenue opportunities?
  • Productivity 101: work smarter, not harder
  • Step 7 – In your Facebook! The secrets of social media engagement

About Caroline Kennedy

Caroline is a business leader, business founder, author and business mentor.

She is the CEO of Cox and Kings Australia, which incorporates four multi-million dollar travel brands.

With more than 17 year’s experience in the hospitality sales, business development and marketing environments; she had witnessed how easy it was for corporate strategists to overlook their people. While figures tell a story, it is people that determine the success of a business, Caroline believes.

This prompted her to write the book, The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, it shares a 7 step method to help businesses increase sales, retain staff and have clients rave about them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and someone else build loyalty with your clients. Now is the time to make lasting improvements within your business.

“I believe that people want to do business and work for companies that recognise and value them; there is a powerful intersection between building loyalty and recognising people.”