About Caroline Kennedy

Caroline is an experienced CEO, business founder, author and business mentor with over 20 years’ experience in the private and corporate sector.

She has led small, medium and multinational companies, with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to more than $200 million. With over 20 years of expertise spanning across the corporate and private industry.

Caroline has built a reputation as one of Australia's foremost experts on business. Both awards and media coverage commend her work. The Telstra Business Women’s Awards acknowledged Caroline twice for her achievements in business.

She is a published author. An Avid trend watcher who contributes to The Huffington Post. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland and Smallville.com.au to name a few. Topics focus on how to master and build a successful, thriving business.

Caroline’s book The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, shares a 7 step method to help businesses increase sales, retain staff and have clients rave about them.

Caroline turned around a business she led to achieve the company’s highest profit in more than five years. She grew the business by 24% in the global financial crisis, resulting in more than $10 million dollars of additional revenue.

She tripled one revenue stream in 7 months, resulting in the business growing by 67%. Imagine having Caroline on your team!

"I believe leadership is about helping others improve as a result of your presence. It's about creating other leaders who continue that impact long after you leave."

Caroline loves; French champagne, socialising, dining out and paying big in life.

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About Caroline Kennedy