The secret to Jacinda Ardern’s widely popular leadership style.


Who doesn’t want to know the secret to Jacinda Ardern’s widely popular leadership style? When we talk about emotionally intelligent leadership, I think a good example for us is Jacinda Ardern, if you could bottle her popularity she would without a doubt be a millionaire several times over. A landslide victory saw her party achieved the greatest…

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Challenges for women in leadership

challenges for women in leadership

What are the challenges for women in leadership, and how to overcome them? Despite the fact that companies which have women in senior management are known to be more productive and more profitable, women are still underrepresented at leadership levels. The 2020 statistics. The WGEA recently released the 2020 gender workplace statistics and they are…

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Influential Leadership – 3 ways to become more influential.

What is influence in leadership

What is influence in leadership? – 3 ways changing your perspective will make you a more influential leader. In the leadership role, everything you want to achieve depends on your level of influence. If you can’t influence people, you can’t effectively lead them, particularly when times are as challenging as they have been this year.…

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Leadership skills – what lens are you looking through?


Leadership Skills – What Lens Are You Looking Through Today? In my coaching with leaders, influence is the missing piece that comes up time and time again. I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression “we see what we want to see.” It’s true. We see the world from our own perspective and our lens isn’t…

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