The secret to Jacinda Ardern’s widely popular leadership style.

Who doesn't want to know the secret to Jacinda Ardern's widely popular leadership style?

When we talk about emotionally intelligent leadership, I think a good example for us is Jacinda Ardern, if you could bottle her popularity she would without a doubt be a millionaire several times over.

A landslide victory saw her party achieved the greatest result in 50 years.

Now, that's a testament to how people relate to human-centric, compassionate leadership.

Harvard Scholars have studied her leadership style, and she's a role model in my book Lead Beyond 2030.

Her highly developed EQ skills and tough empathy approach to leading with both heart and head have drawn legions of fans from all over the world.

A lot have written, “we wish you were here leading our country.”


People can no longer relate to leadership that conforms to the established cultures which suppress the expression of emotion.

Neglecting empathy is correlated with power and ego.

The need to appear competent and in control means our leaders, in business and politics, become robotic and void of feeling.

It’s time to cast aside traditional ideas of leadership role models and behaviours; people are ready for more human-centric leadership.

The future belongs to the skilled leaders who evolve to remain relevant.

When you’re ready to evolve, reach out because the stakes are high, and there’s never been a better time to intensify your impact and performance.

Are you ready to role model Jacinda Ardern's widely popular leadership style?

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Caroline Kennedy, author of Lead Beyond 2030: The Nine Skills You Need to Intensify Your Leadership Impact, is an accomplished, award-winning CEO and global thought leader on business and leadership. She is a highly sought-after mentor and coach to top global executives. A respected keynote speaker and author, Caroline’s methods are neuroscience-based to achieve rapid development and growth.


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