How Small Business can Capatalise on the New Financial Year


Can you believe the new financial year is here? For many small business owners, the end of a financial year period can be overwhelming. You’re focused on reconciling your accounts and getting your financial affairs in order. But, you can also look at it as an opportunity, to focus on the year ahead and what…

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Get the Best Culture Fit with 4 Powerful Interview Questions

Paper Chain.

Let’s be honest. The most critical element in any business is the culture, and the culture fit of employees. Your business is going to thrive by having amazing employees who buy into your vision. Employees who don’t fit, may become toxic, and poisonous employees can spread negativity fast. The starting point to identify a good culture…

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How to be a Successful Leader with Introvert Traits


4 TRUTHS ON HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL LEADER. Imagine a successful leader. I’m presuming a reserved unassuming introvert was not what you imagined. This is because studies have proven that the majority of executives in leadership positions display extroverted personality traits. However, that does not mean that extroverts are better leaders than introverts. Introvert leaders…

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