Ep 6. Sarah Bartholomeusz on how to grow your business quickly, TEDx, and tenacity.

Sarah Bartholomeusz is a South Australian Lawyer Entrepreneur and Author

My guest today Sarah Bartholomeusz is a South Australian Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Author. In 2014, she started her business You Legal.

In this episode we delve into;

How Sarah started her business You Legal when she was seven months pregnant with your second child after being made redundant. And then, in the same week she receives a phone call no one wants, her father has cancer.

But rather than letting all this get her down, she picked herself up and embraced the unknown.  Sarah started You Legal. Sarah’s business grew 400% in its first year. And now has over 20 staff and offices Australia wide. Talk about tenacity!

A new category of law firm that has revolutionised the way clients access legal services and how lawyers work.  Focusing on a gap in the market and the evolving nature of law firms amidst technological breakthroughs. The virtual company provides top-tier corporate and commercial concierge legal services, and corporate governance support to ASX-listed companies.

In 2015 Sarah released her first book How to Avoid a Fall from Grace: Legal Lesson for Directors which ranked a #1 best seller on Amazon.  She also contributes to the CEO Magazine and the Dynamic Business website.

In 2015 Sarah was the recipient of the South Australian Telstra Business Women’s Award in the Start-Up category for You Legal.

We talk about Sarah’s book How to Avoid a Fall from Grace: Legal Lesson for Directors. The book is a guide for Australian company directors at all stages of their career. Sarah offers legal advice gathered from more than a decade of working with Australian and international companies of every shape and size. In simple terms, Sarah explains how the law specifically relates to your duties as a director.

Sarah presented a motivational and inspirational talk at TEDx on the topic of Possibilizing.  It’s a philosophy that enables people to take something which seems impossible a reality. Check-out her talk Click Here 

Sarah also shares the following:

- What it was like to win South Australian Telstra Business Women’s Award in the Start-Up category.

- Her biggest lessons learnt in business to date.

- How she balances family life with building and running a highly successful, and demanding business.

Sarah has just finished her book, KINGPIN: Legal Lessons from the Underworld, which is due out in September 2016.

Sarah is one to watch; she has many more mountains to conquer.

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