How to use executive coaching to breakthrough success barriers

Caroline Kennedy Executive Coach

Use Executive Coaching To Propel Performance

Everyone needs a coach from time to time; whether that be through their sporting endeavours, or in life generally. Coaching is one of the rare internationally-recognised strategies to better yourself and to rise above your competition.

When we dive deep into the pool of executives in the business world, you’ll discover that business coaching is becoming a highly sought-after way to deliver some real results. Just like one of our recent success stories when we worked with Shane, leading companies are investing their futures in business coaching and workplace training as a power packed way to get ahead and rise above. Shane wasn’t after miracles, he simply required some insights and innovations for refining his thinking and management approaches. Was he already achieving optimal performance from his team, or was there processes he could implement to get the most from his team? We will check back in with Shane’s progress and results later in this article.

There are many ways to recognize the potential in people and whether they have an inert talent that needs to be awakened. This awakening can be manifested with experienced business coaches.

Leadership strengths are vastly different and uniquely individual, so we believe that one of the most productive ways forward with leadership mentoring and coaching is to determine a primary focus. What is it that you really want to achieve or improve on? Are there targets or set KPI’s that your company is falling behind on? These questions are merely a slither on how you could determine some outcome targets.

Companies who have capitalized on successful business coaching and improving their business performance, have shared some common tangible and intangible procedures, products and methods. Following are some of the leadership coaching outcomes that Shane and other successful businesses have profited from.

Actions for sustainability

Sustainability is for the long-term success of both personal and business ethos. This can include procedures and monetary values as well.


An improved ability to delve into your personal mindset. Taking a few steps backwards for the benefit of a marathon way forward.

Organisational performance

Organisational performance is more about setting the wheels in motion to expend the talent of your entire team, and the most effective ways to go about it.

These few items above are some of the examples that set the base for many to follow. Like we mentioned earlier, outcomes are strongly driven by the evaluation methods you use to determine an area of focus, weakness, or desire to improve.

What are some of the common ways that we see our clients achieving success through business coaching?

Whatever the focus, desired goal, or fundamentals implemented, successful business coaching often comes back to improving some common workplace and personal attributes.

  1. Performance

Digging deep into your mindset, we target areas that may be lacking at steady hand at driving the ship. We make an external evaluation of your management and business processes and procedures to derive some recommendations for enhancement.

At this point, you might consider what areas you feel are letting you or your team mechanics down. How would you suggest they could be improved, and how could you capitalise on the areas of strength? Performance outcomes start at the top. It’s important to relay the right message from the top to the bottom so everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

  1. Communication

Some of us just aren’t as good at it as others. Communication comes in many forms - from verbal and written communication, down to the way we communicate through our body language. Vital for any successful outfit, communication is the key to operational and organisational longevity and it’s important to get it right.

  1. Renewed energy

It’s amazing how a little business coaching and mentoring can give a boost to vitality and momentum around the entire office. We often see many of our clients build on their skills through a new lease of energy and an improved business outlook. Ridding the negatives and any production blockages really renews spirits - optimism is contagious!

It is rewarding when we find a client who is receptive to new ideas and experiences and who opens the door to business coaching wisdom. Through some effective executive coaching and team mentoring assessments, you too can empower your people, create a dynamic environment, and gain a significant return on your investment outlay.

Our success stories prove that we can unlock the real business and personal potential for future-proofed achievers. Put your future in good hands, get in touch with our expert team to set all your wheels in motion.

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