Leadership Lessons During Hard Times

Leadership Lessons During Hard Times

Leadership Lesson During Hard Times!

I led through the GFC when our industry was being disrupted – it was a crazy time, but we pulled through it, and we even bucked the trend with delivering growth when others failed.

Lately, I've spoken with dozens of Executives, and CEOs. There's an overwhelming sense that it's a very tricky time to be doing business because of the impact of coronavirus. Everyone's talking about a crisis, about recession fears, markets are crashing.

The mass media reports are creating fear, the reptilian brain is kicking in for many people, and it's causing people to go into fight or flight mode. Your teams will bring their fear emotion into work – this is not good. From my conversations, great leaders are thinking opportunity right now.

First and foremost, they're thinking, how do we get through in the short term? In the medium to long term, six to 12 months onwards, how do we come out of this in a better position?

What does that look like, and how do we steer the ship towards calmer waters?

Opportunity exists in crisis; it always does. I know because I've lived it, and I've steered the ship to calm waters when many couldn't.

You have to focus your vision, build the road ahead, calm your team and lead.

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