Ep 11. How to become an author, and small business talk with Andrew Griffiths – Australia’s #1 small business & entrepreneurial author.

How to become an author, and small business talk with Andrew Griffiths

My guest today is Andrew Griffiths. From humble beginnings growing up as an orphan. To global entrepreneur, keynote presenter and international bestselling author. Andrew is a powerful inspiration to small business owners around the world.

It has been almost 20 years since Andrew’s first book ‘101 Ways to Market Your first hit the shelves. The way we do business has evolved furiously during this time. In an age where we are drowning in information but thirsty for wisdom. Andrew now has 12 bestselling titles which are sold in over 60 countries.

As a keynote presenter, Andrew’s authenticity is one of his greatest assets. He presents globally on a host of business success topics. As well as diving headlong into the big personal growth concepts of overcoming adversity, communication, curiosity, trust and much more.

Andrew imparts wisdom generously, but with clear expectations. He doesn’t just want to leave a warm and fuzzy lasting impression on his audience. He wants to have a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and do business as a result of what they have learned.

Recently Andrew formed Small Business Inc. A specialist advisory firm designed to ‘help big business better engage with small business’. In this space Andrew has worked with organisation including CBS, HP, Telstra, Optus and many others. To provide strategic advice on small business engagement.

He is also a media commentator, writer and columnist for Inc.com out of New York, Huffington Post, Flying Solo and MOB Magazine to mention just a few.  Most recently Andrew launched Smallville. A small business community offering advice from over 100 of the top small business influencers in Australia.

Andrew is an active philanthropist and passionate campaigner for Not For Profit organisations. Which create better living opportunities for others, including an Ambassador role with Act for Kids. And fundraising support for the Salvation Army, the Red Cross Blood Bank. The RSPCA and Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary to mention a few.

During our chat we delve into the following:

  • Andrew’s passion about many things in life, one of which is helping small business.
  • His journey as a bestselling author
  • How he mentors authoring to write their books.
  • His tips for anyone out there that would like to write a book
  • His author retreats
  • With a strong reputation as a professional speaker. Andrew shares his tips on what people can do to become better speakers.
  • We talk about his new venture Smallville.com.au
  • The biggest lesson Andrew has learnt in business
  • How to grow a business. The importance of spending time working “on” your business rather than “in” your business.
  • Andrew provides his advice for anyone struggling in business?
  • Andrew talks to use about his Not For Profit work

Australia's #1 small business & entrepreneurial author with 12 books now sold in over 60 countries


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