Certified Business Coach & Keynote Speaker

Certified business coach

Caroline is an award-winning businesswoman, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and adviser to businesses. She was formally recognised twice by the Telstra Business Women's Awards for her achievements in business.

Caroline is an engaging and passionate speaker who can connect with a room of any sized audience. Caroline places a high importance on being able to speak from the heart with complete authenticity and authority. Caroline is particularly passionate about sharing her journey from an adverse childhood, to high profile CEO.

Whether she is speaking about promoting women in business, sharing how to become a CEO or her insights into customer loyalty or employee engagement or even running marketing or sales workshops for businesses, Caroline is in her element sharing her knowledge and expertise to genuinely help people and businesses to grow and develop.

As a high profile female CEO, and a finalist in the Telstra business women's awards, she's in demand to speak on topics including, women in business, how to make a kick-ass impact, leadership and people and culture.


Kym Goodman

Salon Owner & Product Manufacturer of ‘Curl Me Anytime’

Caroline’s workshop left me full of GREAT inspiring ideas which I couldn’t wait to apply in my business.
Her ideas are practical, easy to implement and make lots of sense.
I am now looking forward to reading her book ‘The Power of Wow’.
I am sure it will be far more comprehensive than the notes I hurriedly scribbled down during her workshop.

Sandra George

South East Business Networks General Manager

That was one of the best mornings we have had in a long time. We think you are amazing! The feedback received from our delegates is that you’re a real professional. They loved your honesty and how refreshing it was to hear from a speaker like you.

Australian Virtual Assistants Conference

Conference Delegates

“Thanks for sharing your story. Very motivating.”

“Great story loved the "big message to not let fear stop me.”

“Inspirational and the sessions reminded me to never give up.”

“Caroline was inspirational. Never give up, stay positive and stay focused.”

“Awesome, motivational and inspirational.”

“Amazing story, so inspirational.”

“Held my interest, engaging.”

“I liked the personal stories.”

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Accomplished CEO
'Lead Beyond 2030, The Nine Skills YOu Need TO Intensify Your Leadership Impact'
Business Mentor
Building your thriving business, achieving transformational change through driving a strong vision and strategy, which delivers growth.

Speaking Topics

From humble beginnings growing up in adversity to accomplished corporate CEO, author, award-winning businesswoman, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and adviser to businesses. Caroline Kennedy is a powerful inspiration to business owners around the world.

Overcoming Adversity
Playing Big in Life
Leadership Confidence
Resilience and Courage
Emotional Intelligence
Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Keynote Presentation or Workshops Options for your Event

What Glass Ceiling?

The secrets to going from challenged teenager to high performing CEO! Caroline was born in Ireland, and at the age of 13, her parents immigrated to Australia. She grew up with a severely alcoholic mother. The eldest of three siblings, she looked after the family from a young age. At school, Caroline struggled to fit in. At 16 Caroline ended up in a youth hostel. This saved Caroline’s life. Caroline vowed that she would never end up like her mother, and fought mediocrity her whole life. She doesn’t believe in the “glass ceiling” keeping women from top jobs. In this inspirational presentation, Caroline shares her tips on what it takes to build a c-suite career and developing a highly successful business.

Resilience and Courage

As a woman who led in male dominated industries, Caroline is passionate about creating pathways for women leaders to step up, take a seat at the table and own it. Caroline draws on her experience of overcoming adversity, her diverse background in business and mentoring to harness the essence of being a confident, courageous and resilient leader who is both decisive and determined to lead with passion and purpose. Leaders with confidence, courage and resilience can make and stand behind difficult decisions, and they thrive under pressure. In this keynote, Caroline shares her insights from mentoring leaders, teams and groups within organisations. Resulting in improved engagement, empowered leadership, fostering collaboration, encouraging innovation, promoting accountability, resulting in a ‘culture of courage’ for improved performance and results.

The Fish Rots From The Head Down

Caroline delivers a compelling keynote which outlines the key differences between leadership and management. No matter what the goals are in your business. Whether it's improving your sales, inspiring transformation, improving your culture, or promoting innovation. Someone has to lead. Leadership has nothing to do with your title or your position in the business. It’s about how you inspire others and what you do to change things for the better. Caroline believes the definition of a leader is someone who has followers. A tribe of people who respect and admire them. Leaders are those who empower others, inspire others to achieve their goals. True leaders create more leaders. All individuals have the potential to lead and in this keynote, Caroline will show you how.

Why Introverts Make The Best Leaders

Imagine a successful leader! We are presuming a reserved unassuming introvert was not what you imagined. All because studies have proven that the majority of executives in leadership positions display extroverted personality traits. Yet, that does not mean that extroverts are better leaders than introverts. Introvert leaders are more likely to listen to what their teams have to say. Pro-actively setting their team up for success. They have an ability to empower others. As a self-confessed introvert, Caroline is passionate about sharing the unique skills that have served her well as an accomplished introvert leader. You don't need to be an extrovert to be a great leader.

The Power of WOW - Why “Thank You” Makes Dollars and Sense.

With over 20 years’ experience in the business world. Caroline is an expert in helping businesses to grow and increase revenue through driving a strong vision and strategy. Her method focuses on developing lasting, engaging connections with staff and clients. Caroline believes that culture eats strategy for breakfast. In this presentation Caroline shares her practical 7 step method, to increase sales, retain staff and have clients rave about you. She will show you how to capitalise on your existing assets. Her ideas are practical, easy to implement and make lots of sense. Without your clients and staff you don’t have a business.

As a high profile female CEO, who was recognised twice by the Telstra business women’s awards for her achievements in business. Caroline is in demand to speak on topics including, leadership beyond 2030, women in business, emotional intelligence & empathy, leadership and people and culture.