Ep 14. How To Build Your Powerful Personal Brand

How To Build Your Powerful Personal Brand Amanda Rose

How To Build Your Personal Brand And Create Strategic Connections To Grow Your Business

My guest today is Amanda Rose. Amanda is Australia’s only Strategic Connector. A Keynote Speaker, CEO of The Business Woman Media, and Founding Director of Western Sydney Women.

As one of the most influential people on LinkedIn. Amanda Rose (#BossLady) is quoted as an “internet winning blogger” by TIME.com. She regularly contributes to HuffingtonPost. Sydney Morning Herald. SkyBusiness. Women’s Agenda and SmartCompany.com.au on how to master a successful brand, career and business.

A passionate keynote speaker. Amanda works with The Australian Defence Force. CPA Australia. Law Institute, UTS, ANZ, Western Sydney University and the Royal Australian Navy.

Building a personal brand can have a huge impact on your business. As the awareness of your brand grows, so does the awareness of your business.

Amanda talks to use about why she decided to build a personal brand and the benefits she has seen as a result.

Amanda shares with us the tactics she used to growth her personal brand and her business.

Amanda believes that relationship building and connecting requires a strategic approach. She talks about the importance of strategic connections. And shares her tips on how to improve your strategic relationships.

Social Media is a powerful tool in a tech savvy consumer world. Amanda shares her tips for business owners in maximising social media, to grow their brand's profile and generate leads.

Amanda doesn't believe in leaders showing they vulnerability. She tells us about why.

Amanda also wrote a piece last year on “why women block women” and how we can change this. Her tips were to lead by example, surround yourself with women that are smarter than you. Bring them with you, take the emotion out of it. (I love this one, I always surround myself with people who are smarter than me. Male or female it doesn’t matter).

Amanda shares the biggest lesson she learnt in business.

She provides her advice for anyone struggling in business.

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