The 6 Steps of the Executive Coaching Process Every Leader Should Know

executive coaching process

What does the executive coaching process involve?

While executive coaching follows a similar process, there is no single defined model of coaching which works for everyone. Humans are all built differently, so there's no one-size-fits-all here. It’s important to understand that upfront.

Let me describe the general approach any executive coaching process will take.

  1. First meeting.

This forms the foundation for everything that follows, so it’s essential that you’re comfortable and confident in the person you’ve chosen as an executive coach. The first meeting is as much about personalities as it is about your specific purpose. A good coaching relationship demands honesty from both parties and a high level of trust. Don’t rush into an agreement until you’re confident you can work together well.

  1. Goal setting. (Assessment)

This stage is about getting clear on your goals and your strengths. Why have you chosen to be coached? What do you hope to achieve by it? What problems are you facing? Where do you want to go? What are your short- and long-term goals?

  1. Defining your starting point. (Awareness)

Where are you now in relation to your goal? Where are the gaps? Where are the challenges? Where are the opportunities? You’ll need to be realistic and honest.

  1. Consider your options. (Action)

The executive coaching process is designed to help you reach your goals and overcome any limitations, blind spots or challenges you may face. Through this process, your coach will ask you questions to gain further insight into the situation and discover which techniques would be best suited to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Your coach will explore all options, such as those that can achieve faster results but may impact relationships, versus options that build relationships and take longer to reach certain objectives. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine what is most important and how best to move forward.

  1. (Accountability)

Coaching involves action, not just talk. Executive coaching is a process that helps leaders create both short-term and long-term strategies to improve their performance. By working with an experienced coach, you will identify current weaknesses, learn the skills and techniques needed to reach your goals, build personal accountability, and develop strategies that work. With the help of executive coaching, you’ll be able to achieve lasting results and transform from a good executive into a great one!

  1. (Achievement)

Throughout the coaching process and at completion, it’s important to monitor progress. What’s going well? What isn’t? What do we need to do differently? Do we need to revise the plan? Are we on track to reach your goals? Executive coaching is only valuable if it delivers. Your coach will also help you recognise and celebrate your achievements, which is often something executives forget to do.

My executive coaching process.

In general, I follow a similar process. It is situationally specific, starting with understanding the blind spots across three critical executive elements:

  • leading self,
  • leading others,
  • leading business.

My methods are based on neuroscience and human behaviour, tailored specifically to the leaders I work alongside. I follow our proven five-phase roadmap to success which includes assessment, awareness, action, accountability, and achievement.

What I’ve learnt as an executive coach.

My job is to support executive leaders to take their impact and performance to another level - no matter how successful they are - in the areas that matter most: their business, leadership, teams, and careers.

I have learned that the most significant force multiplier occurs when you shift from being “the genius” to “the genius maker”. Your team levels up, accelerating the flow of positive change and creativity. That’s why, as an executive coach, I help you become the genius maker.

I draw on my extensive background in business and leadership, bringing a multi-dimensional approach combining coaching, mentoring, and consulting methodology to break comfort zones and facilitate long-term growth and development. I challenge you and reveal the inner genius maker inside you.

It isn’t the size of the fish; it’s about creating the motion of the ocean. Executive coaching will help you get that motion rolling.

Like to talk more about the executive coaching process? Book a free, 15-minute complimentary session with me and discover more about the true value of executive coaching.

Caroline Kennedy, author of Lead Beyond 2030: The Nine Skills You Need to Intensify Your Leadership Impact, is an accomplished former CEO, Award-Winning Executive Coach and global thought leader on business and leadership. She is a highly sought-after mentor and coach to top global executives. A respected keynote speaker and author, Caroline’s methods are neuroscience-based to achieve rapid development and growth.


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