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Employee Engagement

7 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement with Recognition

By Caroline Kennedy | Aug 14, 2014 |

Success in business is all about the people. People make a business successful, not matter what industry you are in; employees are your biggest competitive advantage. The foundation of any successful business is the people, and a focus on ensuring staff feel happy and valued is important. It requires an understanding of the intangibles, most…

Marketing ultimately is about values

By Caroline Kennedy | Dec 23, 2013 |

In my book, The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, I discuss how powerful it is to connect emotionally with your customers. In particular, the chapter I wrote, Memorable moments: defining the customer experience covers the key buying patterns of consumers and how that can impact your business. For instance, our…


By Caroline Kennedy | Nov 7, 2013 |

I read an article on Inc.com tonight; it was related to how you can motivate and make someone’s day. Motivating and recognising people are topics I talk about in my book The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense. I’ve worked in the corporate world for over 17 years, and the little…